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You can enjoy your cross stitch hobby even more

dodano: 11 lutego, 04:15 przez chengtextilegt

You can enjoy your cross stitch hobby even more when you find really attractive cross stitch patterns FREE. There is always a little excitement when you start a new craft project, but who wants to spend money for the patterns? One of the most frustrating parts of learning a new craft can be the cost of getting all the materials. Before you have even found out if you enjoy it, you have to...

Dyes: Dyes are colored substance that is applied in an aqueous solution requiring a mordant to improve the fastness of the dye on the fiber. These features to absorb wavelength of light, hence, appears to be colored substance. Dyes are found from the roots, berries, wood, leaves and plants. Reactive Dyes: A reactive dye contains a chromophore which is activated and exposed to...