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Bamboo has been a popular textile used in the manufacture of corsets, bustles, hats and shoes for centuries. Recently there have been advances in technology that enabled a far wider range of applications for this very versatile product. The modern bamboo fibers work well as a cloth and are made from a blend which includes bamboo and cotton or organic cotton yarn or even one hundred percent bamboo that has been woven into a yarn. The blends which include bamboo can even be used to create spandex or even hemp fibers.

polyester yarn manufacturer For a long time now the Japanese and Chinese have known of the advantages of bamboo and have woven shoes and hats from it. The common sight of a typical farmer or fisherman wearing a hat is most always one made from bamboo. Recently more modern technology has enabled bamboo to be processed into yarn that gives it the ability to become clothing either alone or in combination with other fibers. Through various methods of manufacture, bamboo can be turned into a very viscose fiber that is very soft and pleasant to feel. Some processes can even turn bamboo into a likeness of linen, very soft and luxurious to the touch. This material is also very durable and long lasting. This can create even more uses for bamboo used in clothing, such as bed sheets, blankets, rugs, flooring, furniture, and the list goes on and on. China is the point of origination for much of the bamboo fiber used in the manufacture of clothing. There are patents involved in the manufacture of bamboo fibers and this source of bamboo must be organic and pesticide free so as not to be harmful to peoples health. Bamboo is very efficient in its use of water and requires very little compared to most other plants. Bamboo is claimed to be much better than most textiles for the manufacture of clothing and other materials. As bamboo is naturally organic, it does not require use of pesticides or even fertilizer to make it grow. Bamboo is a grass and cutting it only encourages faster regeneration. As one of the fastest growing of all the worlds plants, bamboo is very self sustainable. Additionally, a stand of bamboo absorbs up to thirty five percent more carbon dioxide than a stand of trees, making it very eco-friendly. Bamboo is hypoallergenic and is proven to be non-irritating when applied to sensitive skin. Soft and luxurious, bamboo fiber can be processed to feel similar to the silkiness of cashmere. An extremely absorbent product, bamboo makes excellent towels and bath robes. As the fiber is very porous in nature, it is cool and comfortable against the skin. It is also a material that will keep you warm in cool weather and cool and comfortable in warmer climates. Bamboo clothing can be found all over now and is growing in popularity as people find out how versatile and long wearing it can be. Colors and styles are nearly limitless. More and more big name clothiers are offering this very eco-friendly material in their clothing lines every day.

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